08 122008

Understanding the Flow of your Remodeling Project

When we enter into a relationship with our clients as a professional remodeling firm in Charleston, SC, it is important to be reminded that the pulse of each home remodeling or home renovation project beats at it own individual pace. With all the excitement, demands and temporary lifestyle changes that accompany a project, efforts must

13 112008

The Key to Building a Success Story: Communication

We learned a long time ago that the key to a successful and lasting relationship is our commitment to extensive communication efforts between our team and our client. In fact one of our clients even took the time to write us this: “Your attention to detail in keeping us informed almost became aggravating, but we

07 102008

Livable. Desirable. Sustainable.

We are looking forward to hosting our first annual design-build seminar series titled "Livable. Desirable. Sustainable." Throughout our many years of service, we have observed that there is a certain level of confusion and uncertainty that all homeowners face as the begin to tackle a remodeling project. With that in mind, we have crafted this

28 082008

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked these questions from prospective clients. I hope you will find these answers informative and that they will add credence to what we feel helps make Classic unique.1. We are interested in an extensive renovation to the kitchen, bathrooms and need additional space. Do you take on projects of this type?Yes. We

23 072008

Now May be the Best Time to Remodel

Many clients have asked us if now is a good time to remodel. From an emotional standpoint the answer is no. It is easy to understand this point of view: the news media reports disheartening stories that scare and intimidate us. However, from a rational standpoint, now may be the best time to remodel. Below