May 22, 2024

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Sometimes, your dream home may lack adequate storage space. Closets, bathrooms, and kitchens, in particular, are notorious for not having enough room and creating inconvenience. It’s easy to end up with your things in a precarious, disorganized heap in your small spaces.

But have no fear!

At Classic Remodeling, we are experts in creating space and guiding you to maximize the storage real estate you do have to make it functional for your needs.

Keep Your Closets Organized

There’s nothing worse than an overstuffed, disorganized closet where you can’t find what you need or see what you have. However, we have some tips for maximizing your closet storage and making your life easier.

Mix up your storage types and utilize stacking storage! Maximize box sizes to reduce wasted space where boxes meet.
Break up the space! Instead of a hanging rod across the entire width of the closet, divide it into sections. Long-hanging clothes can go on one end, and short-hanging clothes can go on the rest of the width, with baskets, drawers, or shelves.
Double Check! Prior to starting a renovation, we always measure your current storage space to ensure that the new design will accommodate your needs.
If your space allows, cabinets are a great (and often forgotten) upgrade to your closet storage solution. In cabinets, you can opt for drawers or shelves, depending on your needs. With shelves, your only option is to stack, making it hard to get to the things underneath or in the back. In a drawer, however, you can store your clothes in a way where everything is visible and accessible.

Enhance Bathroom Space

Bathrooms can be a little tricky when it comes to storage, and a lot depends on what the client wants in the space. Vanities can be an excellent way to create extra room, and you can either opt for a built-in vanity or a freestanding one.

Both have their pros and cons depending on the dimensions of the room. A built-in vanity can be customized to maximize the space you have, whereas a freestanding one comes in a standard size (18 “,24″,30″,36”,48 “,60” typically). Depending on your space, you may have to size down for a freestanding vanity, which could create unnecessary wasted space in your bathroom.

When putting together your design plan for your bathroom renovation, consider how your tub and shower play into the space. Can you remove the tub? Is there room for a large mirror to make the room feel larger?

Utilize Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are your kitchen’s best friend when creating functional storage. In a kitchen renovation, we will typically extend the height of the cabinets to the ceiling.

If storage is the goal, a full overlay cabinet vs. an inset will always give you more room. Installing roll-out shelves in your cabinets creates accessible pantry space, and using stationary shelves higher up provides storage for seasonal or infrequently used kitchen items.

We strongly recommend drawers for lower cabinets instead of swing-out doors. Not only are they easier to access, but you won’t lose stuff in the back like you would with shelves. You will maximize your space since you won’t have to accommodate roll-out tracks, and you will have a better vantage point so you can stay organized.

All our cabinetry lines also have drawer and cabinet organizers. While these can help keep everything organized, they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. For example, a peg board drawer organizer might actually cause more wasted space. The pegs have to be placed on a grid, and your dishes may not fit exactly between them. Carefully planning where you will store everything in your kitchen will ensure you don’t spend money on an organizational solution that may not work for you.

Tips From Our Designers

Of course, there are other ways to make the most of your small spaces and make them feel larger without a renovation.

Keeping your countertops clear of items will keep the room from feeling small and cramped. Use organizing bins, shelves, and drawers to create a clutter-free space. You’ll be amazed at how much room you have when everything is put away.

Our designers also recommend using light materials in small spaces. This will help make them feel larger and less cramped.

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