Thinking about remodeling in 2022? Maybe you’ve decided you need a home office now that you are working from home full-time. Or maybe you considered purchasing a new house, but thanks to low inventory and rising prices, remodeling your existing home seems to be the better alternative.

Whatever your specific reason might be, make no mistake – you are not alone. The remodeling industry overall has seen a rise in demand over the last couple of years, and that is certainly the case at Classic Remodeling as well.

While we do our very best to ensure timely scheduling and turnaround, 2022 has proven to be a challenging year (and it’s only March!). High demand for remodeling services, combined with labor shortages and product delays have created a larger-than-usual backlog of work.

So what does it take to get through a home remodel in 2022? Here’s a few tips for surviving a remodeling project this year:

Carefully Vet Your Contractor

It’s busy out there for remodeling companies! And we know you are excited about getting your project started as soon as possible. However, watch out for the contractor who is available to start immediately.

As you reach out to prospective contractors, be sure to ask questions about their process and their timeframe. When will they be able to meet with you for an initial consultation? What is their timeframe for beginning design? When will they be able to be onsite to begin construction?

In this climate, many contractors are having to turn away work because they are so busy. If the majority of company’s you talk with are out 8-12 months, but one is available to start your project immediately, you might want to ask why? Be sure to ask for references and check out their work before signing a contract.

Talk About Costs

Talking price can be a tough. It’s hard for us too! Especially in these times, when we’re seeing price increases in materials and product across the board. And some of those increases have reached historic highs. If you have questions or concerns about your quote, ASK! An experienced contractor will be prepared to answer your questions. At Classic, we are constantly monitoring price fluctuations and we’ve updated our processes to account for the fluidity in some of those.

Be Patient

Remodeling, by it’s very nature, is a stressful process. No matter how much your remodeler tries to mitigate that stress, the fact is you have someone in your home for weeks, maybe months, disrupting your normal routine. Remodeling in 2022 brings a few more challenges. Projects are taking longer thanks to material and product shortages, delivery delays, and labor shortages. We are constantly monitoring product lead times in order to ensure delivery before construction begins.  Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more unexpected shipping delays and in many cases difficulty getting product. Unfortunately, these delays are beyond our control. That being said, your remodeler should keep you abreast of any product delays, to the best of their ability.


The bottom-line is, remodeling today is very different than remodeling was just a few years ago. We’re having to find ways to adapt and work around issues on many fronts. But, if you have developed a relationship of trust with your contractor, you should still walk away having a successful remodeling experience. If you are thinking of remodeling in 2022, expect that your project may take a little bit longer and cost a bit more, but if you’ve done your homework and hired a contractor with clear processes, who will proactively communicate with you, and has a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship the outcome should be the same – a beautiful new space that you love.