December 17, 2009

Maintaining Your Home’s Value

A home is many things: shelter, a place to create family memories, a comfort zone, an investment. Whether your home is new, gently used or truly historic, it makes sense to maintain its value so that your home can be enjoyed in 2010 and beyond.

Day-to-day living causes an inevitable aging process for any home. An active maintenance regimen can provide greater convenience and comfort for your family and can also prevent costly repairs before small problems become big ones.

The thought of staying on top of everything in a home can seem daunting. Classic’s Home Care Solutions will ensure that your home is kept in exceptional shape, while keeping worry and hassle to a minimum.

Classic Home Care Solutions Team offers:

– Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
– Home Comfort Analysis & Solutions
– Priority Home Care & Repair

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

You schedule annual visits with your doctors for a check-up. You visit your auto mechanic every 4,000 miles for an oil change. As with these preventative measures, scheduling an annual check-up for your home can often avoid costly repairs by catching problems while they are still small and less costly to manage.

Whether you conduct these surveys on your own or call us for assistance, discovery is the first step toward problem prevention and resolution. Annual inspections of your roof, exterior surfaces and crawlspaces for signs of normal wear and tear, or water damage from peeling paint/finishes or aging roofs, improper flashing or leaking appliances, is critical to maintaining your investment.

Home Comfort Analysis & Solutions

With simple weatherization repairs, the average home could see significant decreases in their energy costs. The Classic Home Care Solutions Team will identify areas in your home that need additional caulking or insulation; these simple solutions can make your home “air-tight.” Weatherization not only makes your home more efficient, it also provides a greater level of comfort for the entire family.

Priority Home Care & Repair

With Classic Home Care Solutions, you will receive prioritized service for unexpected, time-sensitive needs, such as emergency repairs, hurricane preparedness and other projects that may need to be fast-tracked.

While you’re making your resolutions for 2010, please consider resolving to add your home to the list. What better way to safeguard your family’s significant investment, than with Classic Home Care Solutions.