January 22, 2013

Good Ideas Never Die – They Just Go Viral

Good Ideas Never Die – They Just Go Viral

In 2004, we began incorporating a hair dryer drawer into many of our bathroom vanity designs. The drawer included an outlet at the back that would allow the homeowner to conveniently store a hair dryer, without the hassle of unplugging it after each use.  We did a sketch, took a photo and submitted it to Remodeling Magazine. They published an article about it in their October 2004 issue.

It’s 2013 – why are we talking about this article now? Well, at the end of 2012, Remodeling Magazine decided to take a look back over the year to see what their most popular stories had been. Our 2004 “Dryer Drawer” article was one of the most popular!  Thanks in part to the popularity of Pinterest, our hair dryer drawer story has gone viral!

You can check out the original article here.

Just goes to show, good ideas (and good stories) never die!