April 19, 2024

Going Green with Classic Remodeling

Going Green with Classic Remodeling

Now more than ever, it’s essential for companies to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their business models and do their best to go green and give a little back to Mother Nature. Although Earth Day is April 22nd, practicing sustainability is in season all year round. We’re proud to share some of our eco-friendly methods that we conduct in an effort to significantly lower the environmental footprint of our projects.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is one of the easiest ways to practice sustainability. Regarding our projects, we do our best to order the correct amount of materials so there’s no waste. If there are usable leftovers, we will store them in our warehouse for use on another project or by one of the staff.

The construction industry creates more waste than most industries, and we try to offset this by finding ways to recycle any extra materials that are not left with the homeowner. While the ultimate goal of a renovation is to blend new and original construction seamlessly, we also try to source materials that are as local as possible to reduce the environmental impact of shipping them. When our projects take us outdoors, we do our best to minimize the disruption we create to the surrounding ecosystem. Sustainability isn’t just about creating a healthy space for humans but also creating one that will be harmonious with the environment.

Eco-friendly Materials

LED lights have become the norm as an effective way to make any building greener. We always use LED bulbs and strip lights in all possible fixtures in our projects! They can last up to 20 years and will use less electricity than a traditional lightbulb in that time.

Using environmentally safe cleaning products is a simple way for homeowners to be sustainable. We use eco-friendly cleaners when we use soap and water on our jobs to clean up after ourselves. By incorporating environmentally safe cleaning products into our operations, we reduce the risk of exposing harmful chemicals to our workers, protect surfaces and materials we work with, and meet the expectations of our eco-conscious customers.

Sustainability Tips for Homeowners

At the end of every project, we also leave the homeowner with a binder detailing all the finishes, stains and fixtures we used, as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions, so that materials last longer and continue looking great. The less often that fixtures need to be replaced, the less waste there is. Even if you aren’t renovating or planning to do it anytime soon, keeping your home clean and adequately maintained reduces excess waste by replacing fixtures and finishes.

Of course, sometimes going green can come with a steeper price tag than alternative materials, and it may seem like you’re saving money by going the cheaper route. However, high-quality, eco-friendly materials have a longer life, and over time, the cost of repairs and upkeep is less than with cheaper building practices.

At Classic Remodeling, we strive every day to reduce our carbon footprint and offer more sustainable materials as options for our clients. The journey to a healthier planet for all begins with a single step, and we’re honored to continue our work creating your dream home while maintaining respect for the beautiful Lowcountry environment around us.

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