August 3, 2018

Classic Remodeling Named Customer Satisfaction Leader by Qualified Remodeler

Classic Remodeling Named Customer Satisfaction Leader by Qualified Remodeler


Classic Remodeling was recently recognized as a customer satisfaction leader in Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s annual customer satisfaction report. As part of this special report, compiled in conjunction with GuildQuality, 60 of GuildQuality’s highest-scoring remodelers are profiled. These sixty firms were selected from a pool of over 15,000 GuildQuality members across the nation for excellence in providing customer service.

Classic is honored by this distinction and has always been committed to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service. We’re thrilled to have a “likely to recommend” score of 97% for 2017 and a 96% overall recommendation rate.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Qualified Remodeler’s annual report highlights areas of importance for consumers regarding their recent remodeling projects. The data was collected by GuildQuality and represents more than 100,000 consumer surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Drivers

As you can see above, homeowners have indicated that the three most important areas for determining client satisfaction are:

1. Trust
2. Problem Resolution
3. Value

Building trust is not an easy task. Remodelers need to establish their trustworthiness at the very first meeting with a potential client, long before we deliver a finished product. So, how do we do it?

We have always felt that clear communication is the cornerstone to building a trusting relationship with our clients. It is also the key to problem resolution on a job. We believe in setting clear expectations with clients at the beginning of our working relationship. We discuss everything from budget and schedule to the construction process, timelines for decisions on selections, and change order policy. Internal communication among team members is also essential. Our project craftsmen meet with designers weeks before a job start to review plans and talk through the project. Just prior to the start of construction we’ll do an on-site walk through. Our process during construction includes several regular check-ins with clients to review progress and discuss any questions that may arise.

At the end of each project we use GuildQuality to survey our clients. These surveys provide valuable insight into our customers’ experiences. Internally, it allows us to identify areas where we excel, as well as areas where we need to make some adjustments. As a GuildQuality member since 2003, we are fortunate to have 15 years worth of survey responses and testimonials from past clients. That feedback is in an invaluable resource to potential clients as we work to establish their trust in our firm.

Maintaining Trust Through Challenging Projects

Each project is different and presents a unique set of challenges. Qualified Remodeler asked us to describe our most challenging project type and how we alter our approach to those types of projects to maintain customer satisfaction. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and building trust shows in our response:

“Whole house renovations are sometimes a little more trying for the customer – with larger budgets and longer construction times, we tend to find the clients’ stress levels go up as the job goes along. In addition to trying to keep those lines of communication open with our staff, we also use GuildQuality to survey these larger projects more frequently throughout the job. We know that sometimes clients will share information with a 3rd party that they may not necessarily feel comfortable sharing with us directly. By surveying at key points throughout the job we can hopefully get a better gauge of how the client is feeling, giving us an opportunity to identify any areas we need to address before the end of the project, to make sure we wrap things up on a positive note.”

We know that when you decide to remodel your home, you want to work with a contractor that you trust. That’s why we are continuously working to refine our processes, identify areas for improvement and continue to capitalize on the things we do best. GuildQuality surveys are an important part of that process for us and we thank all of our clients who have replied to GuildQuality surveys in the past. It is through your feedback that we’re able to continue to improve and remain a leader in our industry.