February 11, 2009

Charleston Builder’s Guild

Bob Fleming, of Classic Remodeling and Construction, Inc. in Charleston, SC has recently been selected as President of the local chapter of the Charleston Builder’s Guild. This organization was created to bring innovation and strength to the custom and independent building industry.
Because of our relationship and that of other builders both locally and nationally that have joined CB/USA we are successfully forming allies to help us save on building costs and strengthen business in ways they could not be done on our own.

“Benefits include:

Lower prices on hard costs
Increased service levels from trade partners (vendors and subcontractors)
Tailored programs from national manufacturers
Efficiencies through innovation in technology and process development
Access to industry and local market best practices
Networking with the market’s most reputable home building companies
They gain these advantages while maintaining the personal reward and independence of having their own business.” CBUSA.US

What does this mean for our clients? It means better pricing and even better service from our trade partners. This relationship is a win-win and one that Bob is looking forward to enhancing.