September 11, 2020

Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day: 5 Elements of a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day: 5 Elements of a Kid-Friendly Kitchen


Celebrate “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day” on September 13! Getting kids in the kitchen doesn’t just teach them important life skills. It also requires them to use math, reading, and most importantly it’s a great family bonding activity. In honor of Kids Take Over the Kitchen day, we’re sharing 5 important elements of a kid-friendly kitchen:

Easy-to-Clean Countertops

Kitchen island countertop

For those with quartz countertops, you’re in luck! Quartz is a great, kid-friendly option thanks to its non-porous nature. You don’t have to worry quite so much about those inevitable spills that happen when kids start cooking. If you don’t have quartz counters, just be sure to wipe up any spills quickly, to avoid staining.

An Open Floor Plan

Living room open into kitchen

With an open floor plan you can easily keep an eye on the kiddos without hovering. Relax on the sofa or enjoy a coffee at the dining room table while the kids whip up an amazing meal for you!

The Kitchen Island

An island makes the perfect work-surface for kids of all heights. Smaller ones can sit on a chair or stool and help with measuring or prepping. If you want to get really kid-friendly, consider a 2-level countertop to give the kids their own kid-sized workspace.

Easy-to-Access Pantry and Drawers

pantry with pull out shelves

Pull outs in the pantry make life easier for everyone. But if you really want the kids to be independent in the kitchen, lower level pull outs are great for designated kid items. Drawer pull outs also allow you to create a cabinet at kid-level for things like cups, bowls, or even kid-friendly cooking equipment.

Low-Maintenance Floors

wood look tile floor

Another great way to ensure you have a kid-friendly kitchen is with easy-to-clean floor surfaces like tile. Wipe, mop or vacuum up any messes without worrying about damage to your floors!

We hope this weekend you’ll take some time to celebrate “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.” It’s a great excuse to get in some quality time with the kids and have some fun in the kitchen!

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